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All About Forex Price Action Trading

Trading Forex doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it's best to keep things as simple as possible. That's why price action trading was a great fit for me and is becoming more popular every day. This community exists to discuss Forex price action trading to include, price action strategies, key market levels, trade setups or anything else related to price action trading. Feel free to join the conversation!

Forex Trading Lessons: A Must For Forex Beginners

Forex Trading Lessons: A Must For Forex Beginners

What's life like trading FOREX full time?

I already work remotely full time. I wonder what it would be like trading FOREX full time.... Can anyone shed some light?
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Day trading forex full time now

I was like many of you. Searching stocks premarket ... Trying to find the one that would explode. Only once have I been lucky in 5 months.
I got into forex. Now I'm setting daily targets of 50 on Monday and up by 10 per day every day I can hit target. If I can't hit target i lower it by $10 the next day. In 3 wks I've been able to grow my account by over $200 so far. And that's only on a $1k account. I'm now moving more capital over to from E-Trade. .
Anyone else on similar findings ?
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How to leave your job and trade Forex full time - How to be a full time forex trader - BSAPPSFX

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So You Want to Trade Forex Full-Time?

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So You Want to Trade Forex Full-Time?

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Let's hear about your success stories--has anyone been able to trade forex full time? Retire?

I love hearing from you guys when you do well--it's hugely inspiring. How many here trade full time? Or what stories have you heard/read about that inspire you to keep going?
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Nothing about trading, just a question.

Anyone here that trades forex full time? What do you tell people when someone asks you about what do you do for a living?
I am also curious to know about those that does not disclose about doing forex full time.
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I’ve been looking to try forex. I started out trading stocks & after losing 58% I buckled down & spent a lot of time making a trading plan & practicing discipline. Over the next few months I built up over 500% with many small consistent wins. Problem is now I work full time on nights. Thank you!

1.) is trading forex at night viable? 2.) what is the best broker for a small account? 3.) is $100 account to start too small? (I want to practice with real money but not so much that would be discouraging when I take losses.) 4.) what are the best books/resources to start learning? (Willing to spend more than $100 on books cause I like to read and not go into something blind)
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Part-time needs more effort than full-time trading. So, here are some tips to make your job easier. #tradingsession #FXtraders #marketconditions #parttime #forex #tradingtips #traderpulse

Part-time needs more effort than full-time trading. So, here are some tips to make your job easier. #tradingsession #FXtraders #marketconditions #parttime #forex #tradingtips #traderpulse submitted by traderpulse to u/traderpulse [link] [comments]

Learn How To Trade From The Best Forex Academy And Yield A Full-Time Income

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Can I Work Full-time and Trade Forex Together?

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Not quite sure if this is the right sin, but am looking to pair with a programmer/coder.

Hi guys.
I trade forex full time, but have zero programming or coding skills/knowledge. I am looking for a programmer that can code a trading bot for me. Preferably mql5 but cAlgo could work as well.
The bot would only have 4 or 5 parameters to enteexit.
Please comment or dm me any questions as well as how much you would charge me for it.
If this is not the correct sub, I apologize.
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Have Absolutely No Fear Of Death. [Long Read]

Hey everyone.
About two years ago I wrote this post on another throwaway account
I will Tl/DR, it basically says how I believe there is genuinely no point in living life if you have to work your life away in the full time work force, I still firmly stand by this belief, if people had the option to live without money and travel, I would never be seen again.
Now in present day, 22 years old still basically have not made any headway in gaining complete financial independence after contentious attempts at achieving it, the fact that I am $-999.25 into my $1000 overdraft as of today is just icing on the cake realizing I have to go back to the grueling routine of the work cycle.
What I believe would only lead to me being able to live a happy life is trading forex full time with minimal hours put into it per week, not for a huge amount of money, but just enough to pay the bills and travel around freely, this is the biggest thing I have been working towards in the last 4 years, among other smaller business ventures.
When I say I have no fear of death, I mean it 100%, I just do not care anymore.
4 years of genuine non-stop struggle have made me jaded, I love the idea of getting into bar fights with strangers and bouncers if they provoke it, just to feel something again, risk taking has become something natural to me in many avenues in life, I honestly believe the only reason I still live is because the gun laws in my country are so strict and hard to get a hold of, I also have no real fear of jail or law breaking as I know if I ever faced any sort of real time, I would just kill myself.
I do not do drugs or drink unless it is recreational, I have thought about going to a therapist but I believe they would just try to prescribe me synthetic happiness, which I do not believe is a solution, I feel like I am justified in feeling this way.
So basically I have come to a agreement with myself, if things do change within one calendar year from this date, I will be done, I do not believe in the hypothetical "what if x & x happened your life would be so much better!" scenarios, I have been taking all the actions to try to be legitimately financially independent, if it does not pay off within this year or if my newly started business fails, I will liquidate as much money as I can, backpack around Europe and party, making beachy head my last destination once the money was gone.
Anyway there is really no point in this unstructured rant, I am not asking anyone to change my views on working or death, I just needed to vent I guess.
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Myfxbook Demo Contest

Hi all. First time in this subreddit. I've been demo trading forex full time for 5 years and I'll be going live in September. Pro poker player prior. Anyway I happened to stumble upon the demo contest here:
and i figured this would be a fun way to finish off my demo trading.
Anyone else want to enter? I imagine its going to be balls to the wall, so I guess I'll just trade 10% per trade and hope that the probabilities take care of themselves.
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Are You Ready To Become A Full-Time Trader? - Orbex Forex Trading Blog

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Im 16 with around $1000 to my name, I want to trade. I really need a mentor to help me with forex trading I've been doing a lot of research but I want to actually do something with this, someone who is successful or is a full time Forex Trader please reply.

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Balance Forex Trading along with Your Full Time Job

Here is a tip to balance your forex trading along with your regular full time job. Make the most of it.
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Forex trading for Beginners to become a full time Forex Trader

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New to forex could. I trade full time within 2 years?

I don't want a 9-5 job for tbe rest of my life. I want FREEDOM. I'd like to travel trading forex. Do you thing 2 years is enough time to perfect a tradinv strategy? Is 20,000$ wnough to make a living on forex? Also I am going into 11th grade soon. I could devote my life to forex now as i have a lot of free time. Any advice would help and please dont just say only 1% make it. Im willing to work to become that 1%.
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Anyone here consistently profitable trading Forex and is has become their full-time career?

How long has it taken you to become consistently profitable?
What are some things you wish you knew when you were struggling that you know now?
How is your life now that you have achieved the ultimate financial freedom the world has to offer? Do people around you know your profession?
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FULL TIME FOREX TRADER - Tells The TRUTH - YouTube The Most Insane Forex Trading I've ever seen! (Full-time forex trader) Quit your Job 👮🏽‍♂️ And Trade FOREX Full time  How Much ... The State of Trading Forex Full-Time in 2019 My story of becoming A Full Time FOREX Trader. - YouTube

In full-time Forex trading, you enjoy complete freedom. As a full-time trader, you can be your own boss; you can decide when to trade and when to be away from your desk. Who wouldn’t want that? But moving from being a part-time trader to being a full-time trader is like taking a giant leap. What was once a part-time work has to now become the only source of income. This is too risky if you ... And below are Top 10 Best Full Time Forex Trader Trading System and Strategy you have to know; Successful Forex Trader with Standard Deviation System. Easy and Accurate Standard Deviation Forex Trading System – How to Become a Successful Forex Trader. Anyone can get lucky trading forex a couple of times, since exchange rates can fluctuate up and down with roughly equal probability ... There are some traders who may begin their full-time trading quest because they are retired and are looking for some way to continue their education, challenge themselves and/or add an additional income stream to their retirement. There are also some traders that have done financially well in another business or career and have plenty of money to be able to survive without a full time job ... Just know that a full-time forex trading career doesn’t mean you will have all the time in the world to sit at home and relax. Dedicate at least a few months to learn everything you can about forex. By the way, Trading Education can absolutely help with your learning process. We offer a comprehensive course on forex trading for 100% free! “ The Ultimate Guide to Forex Trading ” is ... Trading Forex full time is a high pressure job and once it becomes your only source of income, there is no margin for errors. Here are some considerations around going full time. Treat Forex Trading Like You’re a Business Owner. You’re going to have to change your mindset from just having a bit of fun, to becoming a full time business owner. Obviously you don’t have any stock to sell or ... Is can forex trading be a full time job? As in can you make a reliable salary from trading the foreign exchange markets. The short answer is yes. Of course you can. There are professional sports gamblers in the world and sport is a lot more volatile than the forex markets despite what you might believe! A better question should instead be: “Can I” personally I don’t know you so I can’t ... All brand newcomer traders must set aside at least 6 months of forex education and demo practice time to build the buffer and then the equity. This must be in must to do list in order to become a fulltime forex trader. I know it seems a lot work and bit of a math but without proper forex education and training, there is one and only one thing that is certain about forex trading and about ...

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LEARN TO TRADE / INVEST : : Something important is to make yourself investable. Meaning proving to yourself you c... 14 day RISK FREE TRIAL on investing and trading HERE: For my #1 podcast go to: iTunes: I first got introduced to the Forex Market November 2017, I immediately fell in love with the concept of being able to make money from my cell phone. That wa... So You Want To Trade Full-Time (Full-Time Forex Trader) - Duration: 16:14. Henri Walker 1,759 views. 16:14. The Easiest Way To Trade Forex - Trend Trading GBPUSD - Duration: 18:20. ... In this Quebec City Forex trading vlog, I share with you whether or not I think it's still possible to trade Forex full-time in 2019. We also dive into the 2 best routes to make trading full-time ...